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The EGI Federation

EGI is a federation of hundreds of data and compute centres worldwide and tens of cloud providers united by a mission to support research activities. EGI is also committed to supporting business and innovation.

The federation is governed by the participants represented in the EGI Council and coordinated by the EGI Foundation, with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.    

EGI resources are provided by:

Services for research

EGI provides both technical and human services, from integrated and secure distributed high-throughput computing and cloud computing, storage and data resources to consultancy, support and co-development.

The scientists relying on EGI services work in large international organisations, in research infrastructures, projects, university labs, or as individual researchers.

Have a look at the EGI Use Cases publication to get a glimpse of how researchers are using the EGI services and how you can be a part of that.


EGI Cloud Compute helped us to handle computational demand peaks when new data sets arrived and by that sped up the whole process significantly

K. Förstner

The only reasonable way to describe the role of EGI resources in my daily work is that they make possible what is practically impossible to achieve using ordinary computing power.

M. Rizzi

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