About the Marketplace

We believe that having access to top scientific computing resources is essential to help researchers to be competitive. The Marketplace is the entry point for researchers to discover and access the advanced computing services and tools they need for their work. 

The services available in the Marketplace cover the areas of Compute, Storage and Data. The Marketplace also provides Applications on demand and Training modules. All services are provided by the EGI Federation and partner institutions.

The EGI Federation brings together almost 300 data and compute centres and 21 cloud providers worldwide, united with a mission of supporting science and innovation.  

  • Easy to find

    advanced filtering and lots of information on capability and service levels

  • Easy to access

    log in with your own credentials

  • Customizable

    views can be pre-defined for labs, communities and organisations

  • Simple

    purchase resources and services or access them free of charge

The EGI Marketplace services are provided by

  • Arnes
  • CERN
  • CSC
  • CSIC
  • Cyfronet
  • EEnet
  • FCT
  • France Grilles
  • Gauß-Allianz
  • IICT
  • INFN
  • Jisc’
  • Metacentrum
  • SNIC
  • srce
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