Access policy

The EGI services can be accessed through the following access policies:

  • Policy-based: users are granted access based on policies defined by the EGI resource providers or by the EGI Foundation; such policies usually apply to resources being offered “sponsored use” to meet some national or EU level objective; for instance, a country may offer sponsored use resources to support national researchers involved in international collaborations
  • Wide access: users can freely access scientific data and digital services provided by EGI resource providers
  • Market-driven: users can negotiate a fee to access services either directly with EGI resource providers or indirectly with the EGI Foundation

Services allowing access to rival resources (e.g. computing capacity or storage space) are usually provided under a policy-based or market-driven access policy.

Services allowing access to non-rival resources (e.g. software packages or scientific data) are usually provided under a wide access policy.

All access policies may not be available for each and every resource, service or scientific data set.

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