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Notebooks for Communities

Community specific deployment to provide notebooks for all the users of a community. Allows further customisation to meet the community needs (e.g. shared storage).

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The service provides a browser-based tool for interactive analysis of data using EGI storage and compute infrastructures based on the JupyterHub technology. The notebooks can combine text, mathematics, computations and their rich media output using Jupyter technology, and can scale to multiple servers and multiple users (hub) with the EGI cloud service.

The service is proposed in two options:

  1. Notebooks for Researchers. EGI hosts and offers a JupyterHub within the Applications On Demand Service. Users (after lightweight approval) can login, write and play notebooks using storage and compute capacity from the VO.
  2. Notebooks for Communities. EGI offers consultancy and technology to setup a community-specific JupyterHub on top of community VO (together with EGI-enbled compute and storage resources), and with community-specific storage/data. 

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