Dedicated applications for data analysis and AI.


  • Applications on Demand...

    Applications on Demand gives you access to online applications and application-development and hosting frameworks to support compute-intensive data analysis.


    • User-friendly access to online applications that can be executed on parallel architectures (EGI Cloud and High-Throughput Compute)
    • Application development and hosting frameworks where custom applications can be executed on EGI Cloud Compute and High-Throughput Compute services
    • User support is available by an international network of consultants.

    Development frameworks:

    • The WS-PGRADE Portal (Web Services Parallel Grid Runtime and Developer Environment Portal) is a Liferay-based web portal. WS-PGRADE provides a 'job wizard' interface for the user. Through this wizard the user can define, with a few clicks, a computational job that WS-PGRADE will execute on cloud resources of the EGI Applications On Demand infrastructure. The job can be easily scaled up into a parameter study, executing the same simulation on many different input sets. WS-PGRADE takes care of instantiation of a Virtual Machine image for jobs, sending user input for the jobs, and retrieving the results of computations.
    • The Elastic Cloud Computing Cluster (EC3) is a platform that allows creating elastic virtual clusters on top of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. Through a 'job wizard' interface, the user can configure the cluster with a pre-defined set of applications that will be deployed in the clouds underpinning the EGI Applications On Demand infrastructure. The installation and the configuration of the cluster are performed by means of the execution of Ansible receipts. The cluster configured by EC3 is private: as soon as it is configured You will have root access to the environment, and can setup and configure the cluster installing additional libraries and software to their needs.
    • The EGI VMOps dashboard,a framework allows users to perform Virtual Machine (VM) management operations on the EGI Federated Cloud. The graphical interfaces of the dashboard allows the user to choose VMs from the AppDB Catalogue, to define an execution topology for them, and then to instantiate them on infrastructure as a service clouds.

    Featured use cases:


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